Girls Grow Together Gang For Influencers and Bloggers
Girls Grow Together Gang For Influencers and Bloggers

Girls Grow Together Gang For Influencers and Bloggers

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Girls Grow Together Gang is all about helping businesses thrive by supporting them through community, education, networking and organized growth.

We know that keeping up with growth and engagement can be overwhelming as an influencer. That's why we created the gang! We are a community for support and collaboration, information to guide you as you grow, and so much more- all to relieve the stress in growth. Other benefits include: help with content planning and quality content creation, educational guest contributors, engagement groups, and a safe place to share contacts beneficial to you as an influencer!

Here are MORE benefits for you to take advantage of: 

-Monthly bite size education on marketing, business strategy, growth and more in the form of videos and posts. This information is meant to be easy to implement in your business right now, as opposed to an overwhelm of information with no clear starting point.

-Input on the topics discussed in the videos and educational posts. We want to create a community that will walk along side you as you grow, answering questions that you may have along the way. 

-We will organize, coordinate and create graphics for several types of giveaways that will benefit your IG page each month. You will have a spot reserved in three giveaways a month at a discounted price to enter. 

-We will coordinate collaborations between shops/brands and influencers/bloggers that are beneficial for both parties. This may include providing you with products to use in creating awesome content or small one on one giveaways with small shops you’d like to collaborate with. -We will provide content ideas for your social media posts, as well as graphics for you to use as your own. We will brainstorm ideas on increasing engagement.

-We will organize groups of shops and influencers to engage with each others contents, as well as form relationships for greater reach! We are offering this service at an introductory rate of just $48 a month! We know this is a very modest cost for the service offered, but our goal is to help everyone grow, feel welcomed, and feel like they are a part of something!

The price for this awesome service is $74 per month, BUT the first 100 members to sign up will get locked in at $48, forever!